Business Analysis Solutions

Let us bring your data to life

Stamina Engineering will work with your business, it's stakeholders, SME's, development, and operations teams. We design small scale web applications, databases, content management systems, and web-hosted infrastructure. The prototypes and full scale business analysis will support either waterfall or agile/scrum development requirements. Our team is proficient in logic, flowcharts, and SDLC practices, with good exposure to design and development methodologies.

Strategy Design, Build, Implementation, and Ongoing Support

Our iterative, end-to-end approach starts with the identification of opportunities and culminates in broad adoption of new ways of working, all while ensuring that the underpinning technology and organizational model are optimized for each client’s specific needs. Many organizations fail in the execution of analytics programs because they don’t build the skills and culture needed to embed new analytics capabilities into their business processes. To ensure that our clients are successful—and will continue to thrive long after our work together is complete—we go beyond the delivery of new models to help them build the capabilities they need to sustain their analytics advantage over the long term.

How We Work

  1. Identify sources of new business value
  2. Expand the data ecosystem
  3. Build models for best practices and approaches
  4. Integrate user-friendly tools
  5. Manage adoption
  6. Create technologies and infrastructure
  7. Optimize organization and governance