Business Research Solutions

Research through people and business

Feedback from customers, employees, and markets entails the accurate measurement, analysis, and reporting of human thinking: those often messy and mysterious psychological constructs of attitude, opinion, and belief that cause human behavior. As such, customer surveys, employee surveys, and market research must first and foremost be recognized as scientific, psychological research. When the principles of scientific discovery are applied to surveys, the path becomes clear: the result is changed thinking that changes behavior!

To achieve changes in behavior from survey research, it is important to be an expert in psychological research, like the professionals at Stamina Engineering. We manage factors such as the validity of the questions, validity of the scale, and validity of the data; we manage your sample sizes, confidence levels, sampling error, and response rates by population and deployment method; we ensure your survey and data are unbiased, and provide pure, clean facts about the thinking of your populations; and, we save you time and money by conducting your scientific, psychological research study properly the first time, and every time!

Employee Surveys

  • Onboarding Surveys
  • Employee Attitude Surveys
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Organizational Assessment Surveys
  • Feedback Surveys
  • Employee Exit Surveys

Customer Surveys

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Customer Service Surveys
  • Customer Loss Review Surveys

Market Research Surveys

  • Advertisement Surveys
  • Brand Awareness Surveys
  • Brand Image Surveys
  • Competition Surveys
  • Distribution Surveys
  • Packaging Surveys
  • Price Point Surveys
  • Product Features Surveys
  • Target Market Surveys