Stamina Engineering is a firm of professional business consultants with extensive training and experience in the business application of management and research. Stamina offers a unique combination of talented business consultants who offer our clients solutions that make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements, optimize their strategies, and solidify their day to day business decisions. Our ability to implement end-to-end, customized and integrated solutions generate significant business competitive advantages for our clients.

Our Mission: We focus on being a source of reliable and creative solutions for People and Businesses.

Our Core Values: Creativity, Quality, Commitment, Reliability, Client Satisfaction.

Product-Project Management Solutions

If you’re stuck defining or initiating a project, managing a team, or needing help with time, budgets and resources – we can help. We’re not only a full scale web design and development team – we also manage web design and development projects and its resources by partnering with you to onboard us into the process. We handle multiple disciplines including agile and waterfall methodologies. Our experienced team will strive to get the job completed on time and under budget, so you can concentrate on other shifting business priorities.

Business Analysis Consulting

Our iterative, end-to-end approach starts with the identification of opportunities and culminates in broad adoption of new ways of working, all while ensuring that the underpinning technology and organizational model are optimized for each client’s specific needs. Many organizations fail in the execution of analytics programs because they don’t build the skills and culture needed to embed new analytics capabilities into their business processes. To ensure that our clients are successful—and will continue to thrive long after our work together is complete—we go beyond the delivery of new models to help them build the capabilities they need to sustain their analytics advantage over the long term.

Business Research Solutions

Stamina Business Research, achieves changes in behavior through psychological survey research. We manage a variety of factors such as the methodology, survey questions, survey scale, and validity of the data. We are dedicated to managing your sample sizes, confidence levels, sampling error, and response rates by population. When scientific research is applied to business operations, the SMART path becomes clear and the result is a change in mindset.